Manuscript submission is done online only via Submit Article. Manuscripts sent via post or e-mail are not evaluated.

During the application, in addition to the text of the manuscript, the Cover Page, the signed Copyright Agreement Form and the Ethics Committee Report, if any, should be uploaded to the system. If there is a defect in any of these, the pre-evaluation process is not started and the author is informed to correct the deficiencies. When the deficiencies are corrected, the process is started and the corresponding author is informed about the stages of the process.

Manuscripts should be prepared using the Manuscript Template and the name of the author or any information that might reveal the identity of the author(s) (such as institution name, e-mail address, researcher ID, phone number) should not be included in the text and file name. For topics that are not included in the Manuscript Template or are not clear enough, the Writing Rules should be reviewed, and if this is not found sufficient, the opinion of the issue editor should be sought.

The Cover Page includes contact information for the article and author(s), as well as a statement of financial support, conflict of interest, ethics committee information, and acknowledgments. Before the submission, this information page must be filled in correctly and completely.

The Copyright Agreement Form must be filled in by the corresponding author, scanned after signing and uploaded to the system. The list of authors given in the form should be filled in according to the level of contribution in the article, starting with the corresponding author, and signed by each author.

If the manuscripts submitted to the journal for publication include research results that require an ethics committee decision, the Ethics Committee Report must be scanned and uploaded to the system at the time of application. Except for the time of application, requests of authors to send the report at any other stages of the evaluation will not be accepted. Responsibility for this matter belongs entirely to the author(s). In studies that require an Ethics Committee Report, reference should be made to the ethics committee decision information (committee name, date, number, etc.) in the method section of the manuscript. We follow the directions stated on ULAKBİM TR Directory’s website for the studies that require ethics committee approval.

For the details and the application process, please review the Publication Policy of the Journal.